Ten Principles of Altruism


Self Reliance
If any greater power exists beyond this world, it has given humans and humanity the capacity to understand science and reason. Seek answers first within yourself, then within your world. Believe what you will of the supernatural, but make decisions as if only this world exists. 

Self Improvement
What do we each really want and need? What are our strengths and weaknesses? Discover your truths, then live them honestly and openly.

All are welcome to listen, learn, and practice Altruism in their manner of choosing.

Communal Building
Create and grow community to support, mentor, and teach each other.

Good Deeds
Help others every day, without expectation of benefit for yourself.

Recognize and pursue what really matters beyond socialized worth. Value people for their hearts, minds, and actions rather than social currency.

Live for the now! This world is ours and its inhabitants are our family. Life is short. Make the most of it.

Spread the message of Altruism in your words and deeds.

Let every interaction you have with the world, improve it.

Create, discover, feel, and share love. Connect with others and teach them how to love without shame or fear.