Faith in Action!

Our goals: to encourage Altruism, reduce waste, build community, mobilize volunteers, coordinate charitable events, and help everyone.

Imagine a world in which kindness was the standard, in which doing good for others, without need for reciprocity, was just the way things were. Imagine a global culture filled with hope and love for their fellow citizens.

Yuanyuan Wang had that kind of imagination. She brightened a room with her compassionate, curious energy. She was brilliant, clever, beautiful, and altruistic. Beyond that, she was my wife for an amazing few months. My name is Leon Feingold, and this is our story.

After meeting in China and dating for years, we announced our engagement October 2016 via a Facebook post of her wearing my ring, β€œShe said YES!” Less than a week later, and completely unexpectedly, Yuan was diagnosed with terminal metastatic cancer. She had only a few months to live.

The shock and urgency we felt, was reflected and supported far and wide. Within a week of our announcing her diagnosis, friends and strangers alike had joined forces and made all the arrangements to throw a wedding for us and nearly 300 guests, pulled strings to get her into a top cancer program, leveraged personal contacts with politicians on a national level to approve Yuan's family to fly in from China within days, and ensured that we were cared for in this difficult time.

On our wedding day in November 2016, we exchanged vows, then vowed to our guests that we would find a way to give back to others, as others had given to us. That was the birth of the Church of Good Deeds: a bona-fide religion free of deities and dogma; a spiritual and philosophical practice based on the idea that doing good for others is its own reward.

Just before Yuan passed away in March 2017 and became our Patron Saint of Altruism, The Church of Good Deeds was officially incorporated as tax-exempt by New York State! Our mission is simple: encourage and empower others to have faith in people, build community, and improve the world through acts of charity and Altruism, big and small, as a part of daily life.