if you're a church, why don't you pray to god?  or give out wafers? or make me believe in stuff?

You don't  need those things to be a house of worship.  What you need is a belief system.  And at the Church of Good Deeds, the only thing YOU need to believe, is that Altruism - people helping people - is awesome.

but what if i want to believe in god or wafers or stuff?

Then please do!  The Church of Good Deeds encourages all Altruists to celebrate any and every other religious and spiritual practice, including holidays.  We are a community of positive encouragement, not restriction.

so do you have church services?

We do have monthly congregational meetings, but most of our practice doesn't look like those at most churches - although we do offer wedding services.  Our church provides services to OTHERS at charity events we organize and host, and we encourage everyone to attend whenever they can. We gather to build community and support each other, but rather than sit and talk about dogma, we get off our asses and work on our karma! 


sounds pretty cool. how can i get involved?

We're always looking for volunteers, as well as projects and causes which our volunteers can support!  We currently have openings on our Advisory Council, if you have experience helping or running charities.  Eventually we hope to grow into other cities, but for now we're active in the metro NYC area.

i have a ton of money burning a hole in my pocket and i want to give it to a good cause.

We don't have any paid staff or salaried workers, every dollar we collect goes directly to the CoGD and the needy communities we support.  You can donate any amounts you like via PayPal or Venmo at Info@ChurchOfGoodDeeds.org, and use your receipt to deduct that amount from your taxes. We now also have a fun Donation Page where you can get Veteran Guardian Angels in appreciation for your donation.

what's the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

....what do you mean, an African or a European swallow?